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The athletics department is ready for another awesome season.
This year Golden Rule will have representation in four categories:
Elementary School (4th - 6th) Boys and Girls:

“Winners never quit and Quitters never win.”

Vince Lombardi


I coach to teach the player the importance of fundamentals, strategy, and the role they play. Everyone involved is here to improve and excel in focus, hard work, and determination being the three things needed to assure this happens. I strive to instill the desire to play and a drive to make the team better on and off the court.


Goals: To win District and compete in Regionals.

Middle School Girls:
I believe in playing to our strengths as a group. Also, as a group, we must take care of each other's back to cover for each other's weaknesses. A team over self, I like for our team to be a strong forth and to look forward, keeping our heads up. Keep on learning, from each defeat a lesson, from each victory reflection to keep improving. That is the type of mentality I want our student/athletes to have.
Finally, we have to trust the process, no great team was built overnight, we have to practice hard to play hard.
Middle School Boys:

I believe in properly teaching the basic fundamentals of basketball such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and rebounding. Without being vigorously trained on these fundamentals, the player and the team cannot be successful. I believe in a fast pace up-tempo offense and a full court aggressive defense. I expect all of my players to come to practice ready to work hard and strive to get better every single day. Our goals for this upcoming season are to win our district and compete for a state championship.


“In life and in basketball, it’s always about the NEXT PLAY”


Let's Go Eagles!!

To check on our progress through the season and schedules please visit the following link.