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Principal's Message

Dania Gomez

Principal’s Message: 

Dear Students and Families of GRS Illinois,

Golden Rule Charter Schools is a symbol of quality education and lives to what it stands for, treating others as you would have them treat you. Our motto, “Educating tomorrow’s leaders, today,” reminds everyone that at GRS, we have one important goal: educate the youth so that they become equipped to excel in our global economy and become successful leaders in our communities. 

The team at GRS Illinois is composed of highly dedicated teachers and staff. I am grateful to work alongside a team that is committed to the well being and success of our students. At GRS, we encourage critical thinking and questioning in an effort to develop lifelong learners. Instilling good values in our students is one of our priorities, and we are fortunate to have our parent’s support in this. 

The family at GRS aims to provide a fun, enjoyable, and rigorous educational experience therefore we are proud of the various programs we offer here at GRS including yearbook clubs, winter programs, spelling and math club, team sports, art clubs, and much more! With the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational experiences were cancelled, however, one thing at GRS was not cancelled: Establishing Traditions! As we continue through new adventures, new challenges, and successes, we will strive to provide rich educational experiences so that our students, staff, and families have cherishable memories even after they have graduated from our charter!

With great appreciation and respect, 

Mrs. Gomez Alvarez, M. Ed