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Welcome to Golden Rule School’s website! 
We are a charter school that has seen phenomenal growth in the past years. We started our school in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas in 2001. Since then we have expanded to four campuses. We have campuses in DeSoto, Cockrell Hill and in Pleasant Grove with the main campus located on 2602 W. Illinois Ave. in Dallas. 
Golden Rule has enjoyed great acceptance from the community as evidenced with a waiting list that is generated every school year. 
Parents have embraced the educational goals and the safe environment that our campuses provide. Golden Rule provides a small school atmosphere that is conducive to learning and fostering relationships with our parents and students alike. 
We will never forget why this school was started in the first place: To make a difference in the lives of our students. 
We will never forget the foundation it was started on: Faith, integrity, and trust in a higher power. 
Golden Rule is proud of its staff, faculty, students, and parents. We will continue to seek new and innovative methods to better ourselves and our student population. As community support continues to grow and embrace the “Golden Rule Way’” we will continue to look into expanding into other sectors of this great metroplex in which we live and even throughout this great State of ours.

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National Blue Ribbon School-Golden Rule Sunnyside Campus Featured Photo

National Blue Ribbon School-Golden Rule Sunnyside Campus

We are proud to announce that Golden Rule-Sunnyside will receive the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award in Washington, DC on Thursday, November 8th. Golden Rule-Sunnyside is one of only 23 Texas public schools to receive the prestigious 2018 national Blue Ribbon honor. Golden Rule Charter Schools Inc. strives to provide students with great teachers, resources, and a positive learning environment that will prepare students for academic and personal success. Please share the good news with family and friends! Thank you so much for your support in everything we do for our school and community . Estamos muy orgullosos de anunciar que Golden Rule-Sunnyside recibirá el prestigioso premio Blue Ribbon en Washington, DC el jueves 8 de noviembre. Golden Rule-Sunnyside es una de solo 23 escuelas públicas de Tejas que recibiran este prestigioso reconocimento al nivel nacional. Las escuelas Golden Rule Charter Schools Inc. se esfuerza por proporcionar a nuestros estudiantes con maestros y recursos que prepararán a los estudiantes para el éxito académico y personal en un ambiente de aprendizaje positivo. Por favor comparta las buenas nuevas con familiares y amigos! Muchas gracias por su apoyo en todo lo que hacemos por nuestra escuela y comunidad.

Mission Statement

The mission of Golden Rule Schools, Inc. is to establish a safe and student-centered environment where knowledge and literacy are encouraged through learning activities that are developmentally appropriate, individually paced, and attuned to each student’s academic performance and interests. Golden Rule Schools, Inc. honors and respects the cultural and ethnic differences of the students served by the school. As students develop the problem-solving skills needed for the 21st Century, they will be encouraged to live, study, and strive together to be effective and productive citizens in the diverse and technology-driven global economy.